Richard III

Studenten Toneelvereniging Amsterdam (STA!) performs ‘Richard III’

“I am a villain, yet I lie. I am not”

Richard III, the groundbreaking foundation  for the modern villain.

In preparation for this play, ten students from STA! dived head first into the captivating world of Shakespeare. Directed by Jo van der Meij, they will perform ‘Richard III’ on the 24, 25 and 26 of may, at 20.00, at the CREA Theater in Amsterdam.

The war is finally over, but Richard, the king’s brother, is no fan of ‘Peace’. He decides to lie, manipulate, and kill his way to the throne. This might sound familiar; House of Card and Game of Thrones are based on the same history. The character of Richard has intrigued audiences for years.

Forget the stiff image of the actor in a supposedly ‘interesting’ pose blabbering away. Shakespeare is raw, spellbinding, real and full of many recognizable human emotions. Forget what you know and come into our world: be ‘ready’ to expect the unexpected…

Director: Jo van der Meij
Actors: Maarten van Dorp, Wiecher Huijser, Solange Hussen, Janna van Leeuwen, Goda Liutkutė, Joris Macklon, Anna-Rose Shack, Nafysa St. Luce, Daan Valk, Max van Waveren

Photography: Martijn Gerritsen​
Publicity material: Anice Bakker & Eva van Leeuwen

Date’s: 24th, 25th, 26th of May, 20:00
Location: CREA Theatre (Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, 1018WV Amsterdam)
Admission fees: STA!-member €4,50 | Student €7,50 | Regular €10,50

Bekijk hieronder de foto’s van de voorstelling, of kijk hier voor een overzicht van de foto’s!


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