Studenten Toneelvereniging Amsterdam (STA!) performs ‘Festen’

“I have written two speeches, dad. A green one and a yellow one. You get to choose.”
“The green one”
“That is a very interesting choice. It is a ‘truth’ speech”

Fourteen students perform the play ‘Festen’, directed by Jolijn Wendel. This family drama is based on Thomas Vinterberg’s Danish movie. The drama play is performed by STA!’s English theatre group. On the 20th, 21st, and 22nd of March at 20.00 ‘Festen’ will be performed in the CREA Theatre in Amsterdam.

Celebration. Dad is turning 60. The whole family is invited for an extensive dinner, entertainment, anecdotes and speeches. Let’s hope Michael behaves this time and can resist the temptations of liquor and beautiful women. And which new lover will Helen bring this time? Mother Elisabeth has lost count. Of course, Christian is doing great and we are looking forward to his speech, he is such a great speaker. I bet he will say some sweet words about his twin sister who recently passed away. Yes, it will be a fabulous party. Because it is a fabulous family.

…As long as the well-kept secrets remain well kept…

Director: Jolijn Wendel
Script: David Eldridge
Edited by: Jolijn Wendel
Actors: Iris Blom, GB, Remo Bos, Gilda Bruno, Mila Lee van Erp, Mark Janssen Groesbeek, Ann Sophie Honikel, Roosa Järvinen, Hanna Merki, Peter Petkanic, Meike Speijdel, Anthony Ten Jet Foei, Thijs Veltman, Christian Webb

Dates: 20, 21 and 22 March, 20.00
Location: CREA Theatre (Nieuwe Achtergracht 170, 1018WV Amsterdam)
Admission fees: STA!-member €4,50 | Student €7,50 | Regular €10,50
Tickets: www.sta-toneel.nl

STA! produces 13 plays every year. Further information about STA!, its’ plays and its’ society can be found at www.sta-toneel.nl.

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