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About STA!

STA! is short for ‘Studenten Toneelvereniging Amsterdam’ which translates to ‘Student Theater Association Amsterdam’. For 15 years we have been creating plays and musicals by students, and for students. This year we are opening our society to international students and we will have our first production in English. So if you don’t speak Dutch, don’t worry as everything, from the first rehearsal to the last performance, will be in English.

Next to all the amazing plays STA! also arranges a vast variety of activities. Every two weeks  we organize nights where you can come have a beer and meet other drama geeks. Some of these night have themes, giving you the perfect opportunity to dress up in the most outrageous costumes or to be completely covered in glitter. Throughout the year there are also other activities to attend, such as a talent show, gala, weekend trips and a whole lot more.

In our society we have two different kinds of members, the performing member and the social member. The performing member will partake in the performance of Richard the Third. Rehearsals will be held once a week on Thursday from 17:30 till 20:00, which will begin on the 12th of October. There will be three performances, on the 24th, 25th, and 26th of May. As this is our first year including international students we will have only one production spoken in English. This means we have a limited amount of students who can join the play. Outside of providing you with a place to perform STA! also aims to bring like minded people together. To do this we also accept people who won’t perform in a play but can still participate in other events, these are our social members.

STA! primarily consists of Dutch students, and many of our events and activities will be geared towards those students. It will be our goal to successfully integrate our international and Dutch members. STA! will therefore be a great place to meet the local student population.

Become a member

To become a member you have to attend the STA!rtweeks, the introduction weeks of STA!. Admission fee for the introduction weeks will be €12,50, you’ll have to bring this in cash on the first night. During this time we will familiarize you with the ins and outs of the association. On the 13th of September you will meet the director and the board of the society. There will also be three nights, the 15th, 19th and the 21st of September, where you will have the chance to mingle and socialize with the other members. If there are more applicants than we can handle we will take the attendance of these events into account. So be sure to come to all of them!

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